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9 Artikelen

Herock San Remo S3 Work Boots
Herock Cross S1P Work Boots
Herock Volcanus S1P Work Boots
Herock Constructor Work Boots
Herock Thallo S3 Work Boots
Herock Brabus S3 Waterproof Work Boots
Herock Gigantes S3 Work Boots
Herock Gladiator S3 Work Boots
Herock Crixus S3 Work Boots

Herock work boots for the professional who sets high standards

Are you looking for indestructible work boots? Then Herock work boots are an excellent choice. These are boots that you can fully rely on in all circumstances. The name "Rock" is significant in this case. Herock work boots are excellent boots for the professional who places high demands on the footwear.

Herock is a very appealing brand in workwear. This brand has clothing in the collection that not only has a very cool look, but is also very strong. You can rely on this even under the most extreme conditions. This clothing will protect you optimally against injuries and is therefore the best clothing if you have to do heavy physical work or work under tough conditions.

Why you can certainly rely on Herock work boots

Herock has a wide range of workwear. You can dress the brand from head to toe. You can take the latter literally. Herock also has an excellent collection of work boots. These boots fit completely in line with this brand. Herock footwear is also made of the strongest materials that can withstand the most extreme conditions. Before the safety boots are offered on the market, they have been extensively tested in practice during demanding practical situations. So you can fully rely on Herock work boots.

Top quality safety boots

Herock also has a very large collection of work boots. The Gladiator S3, for example, is a very high-quality water-resistant ankle boot with PU protective cap. These work boots are of excellent quality and offer you optimal protection in the most extreme conditions. The Constructor S3 is also a top model. This model offers a non-metallic anti-perforation L-protection® and has a PU-padded lip and collar. This Herock work boot is anti-static, bactericidal and has removable textile material with latex bottom. The boot has a 3D gray breathable lining with anti-rust material on the inner heel.

The Brabus S3, for example, is a metal-free ankle boot with waterproof and seamless technology. This comfortable ankle boot is anti-static, oil and water resistant and anti-slip for SRC. The boots have a composite toe.

The safety boot Thallo S3 from Herock has a composite toe cap with a top made of black Nubuck leather. The boot has an EVA sole of durable rubber with high resistance to low and high temperatures. This comfortable boot is also anti-static, but also oil and chemical resistant. The insole is anti-static, anatomical and has a removable textile material with EVA bottom. The work boot offers protection as you would expect from Herock and is available in sizes 37 to 47.

In addition to these four top models, it is certainly worth looking at the other models in work boots that Herock has marketed, such as the Primus, the high model of the aforementioned Safety Shoes Cross S1P, the high model of the Tuxedo, the Roma, the San Remo S3, Troy S3, Gigantes S3, Crixus S3 and the Magnus S3. The choice will be difficult, but it is a luxury problem. You will enjoy these work boots for years to come.

Order Herock work boots at 71WorkX

If you want to order the work boots from Herock, you can go to 71WorkX. We are an official Herock dealer and carry the full range of this brand. You can even order the shoelaces of this brand with us! The boots are available in sizes 37 ™ 47 and in various colorways. Before placing your order, please check the size chart. Herock is an American brand that uses a different size than the European sizes. If you have any questions about these boots or would like personal advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you literally.

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